By: cjackson | Posted: March 12, 2020

Tracking field signatures can be a major problem in the oilfield service industry. First a ticket gets lost, forgotten, or entered incorrectly, and then it’s three more hours added to your day to get it straightened up. Small errors in the beginning of the ticketing process carry over into the invoicing and billing process, leaving your entire work flow a jumbled mess.

As an oilfield service ticketing software, we feel it is our responsibility to target these specific issues and implement features to help you resolve them. The Invoice Status feature in Hauling Software has proved time and time again to speed up invoicing and payment processes and streamline efficiency by making sure you have the information you need.

With Hauling Software, you can assign all of your invoices a status within the “Invoices” tab, such as “Out for Signature” or “Payment Received.” You can assign these statuses individually or in bulk.

status change

This lets you know exactly what stage the invoice is at in its billing process. After this, you can even assign a specific pusher to be responsible for getting the field signature needed for that invoice. This means knowing exactly who is responsible for what.

Not only does this make your life easier during the process, but it provides a great opportunity to get important insights into your data. In the “Reports” tab, after selecting “Invoice Status,” you have access to a complete analysis of all of your invoices.

With the ability to easily see how much revenue, how many barrels or hours are outstanding within each of your statuses, accountability is no longer an issue. Also, by selecting the date range button in the top left corner, you can choose the exact date range of invoices you wish to view. It’s never been easier to view and utilize your information.

invoice report

Want to keep an eye on that one pusher that never seems to get his signatures turned in? Our advanced filters allow you to filter by yard, lease, ticket type, pusher, etc., giving you full control of the data you see. By selecting the pusher you’re searching for’s name in the advanced filters, you can see a full report of every invoice he is responsible for, and their statuses.

This data isn’t just for looking either! After customizing your filters, easily export the report to a CSV file for easy sharing/use.

Our invoice status feature is only one of the many features that make Hauling Software the most useful tool for your oilfield service company. To learn how Hauling Software can automate your ticketing process or to schedule a free demo, we invite you to reach out to us today at (800) 549-4108.

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