We’re based out of Ada, Oklahoma and have an amazing team with years of oilfield experience, from the field level all the way to owning multiple oilfield service companies.

Jake Cantrell

Jake Cantrell is the President and CEO of Cantrell Jackson. Jake grew up in the oil patch, his family owned a drilling company in the 1980’s and now operate as independent producers. Jake was a pumper through college and learned many aspects of the family business. After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a business degree, Jake has taken his deeply ingrained knowledge of the oilfield industry and has been creating custom software solutions and websites for over 20 years. He is well known for being a visionary, and having an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between field operations and corporate needs for reporting and accounting purposes.   Jake originally created Hauling Software when his family’s saltwater trucking company was in need of a more efficient way to manage their fieldwork.

Of course, everything we do is a team effort. Jake enlisted the help of industry veteran Rick Jackson as a partner, and Cantrell Jackson was born. 

Since then, we have worked non-stop at finding new ways to revolutionize the oilfield ticketing process.

Rick Jackson

Rick rescued Future Energy Services out of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and grew it to $15 million revenue with 22% EBITDA. His significant years working various roles include US sales manager of Production Solutions with IHS, a $22 billion Market Cap publicly traded company and the largest information software company in the oil and gas sector, equipped him with the skills needed for Cantrell Jackson to assist oilfield service companies in their growth.

Having the success of turning around Future with no outside capital prepared him for this next chapter. He and Jake Cantrell understand the tools needed in the service industry to more effectively manage business in this space with shrinking margins and increased competition.

Brian Hughes

As things started moving more quickly, Jake tapped Brian Hughes to come on board to help with operations.   

Brian spent many years in commercial lending before making the transition to the oil and gas industry. As a special projects manager with True Energy Services, he worked beside Jake to coordinate the development of the original software platform that would become Hauling Software. Coming full circle 9 years later, he now oversees all operations for Cantrell Jackson. In the meantime, he gained over five years of salt water disposal facilities management experience and an extensive knowledge of water hauling processes and bid management. He has also worked for several large operators in Oklahoma as a SCADA technician and has a broad understanding of field telemetry and specialized in using this equipment to optimize artificial lift applications. He has managed multi-year, multi-million dollar AFE projects. 

Corey Drennen

Corey Drennen joined Cantrell Jackson in the fall of 2018, while attending East Central University.

Corey spent 5 years with the United States Army as a Signal Support System Specialist (25U) before joining Cantrell Jackson. After joining our team, he then worked side by side with Brian Hughes while finishing his college degree in Computer Science. After graduating with his degree Corey took great personal initiative in the development of our customer orientation process and is now in charge of new customer on-boarding and training, as well as being the first in line for all customer support related inquires.

We take pride in our ability to offer effective cloud-based solutions for the oilfield ticket management process, built from our direct knowledge of the industry. Using our software platforms, companies are able to achieve operational excellence by increasing management visibility, optimizing employee performance, reducing accounts receivable aging, and controlling unnecessary expenses. We have dedicated solutions for oilfield services, salt water disposal, and hauling services.

Increase oilfield production without increasing your resources.

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