By: cjackson | Posted: March 12, 2020

Many oil and gas companies manage their field service ticketing by hand. But with the rise of technology, digitalization has been on everyone’s mind. The industry is going through a major period of change. Producing better margins is the name of the game and digitalization can bring substantial improvements to field operations.

If digitalization is the remedy we’ve all been waiting for, then why have so few companies embraced its implementation? In today’s blog, we’ll explore this topic and how your oilfield company can strike a balance between digital and paper.

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In the industry’s boom years, there wasn’t an urgency to invest in new operational technology. Though the expense of field service ticketing software is moderate, the need to commit time, personnel and leadership has been off-putting for some. As a result, it’s been treated as a “nice to have” function despite its ability to bring much-needed efficiencies.

Field service ticketing software makes it possible for companies to develop powerful new capabilities – smarter exploration, safer operations as well as better utilized labor. It can also transform planning processes with in-depth reporting and predictive analytics, giving companies a better chance to anticipate and respond to unpredictable shifts in the market.

Accelerating payment processes, field service ticketing softwares can free up cash flow, lower a company’s operating expenses as well as contribute to higher margins per barrel. In 2014, Field Service brought up some industry findings – one being that the majority of field service companies continue using manual methods to handle ticketing. But, why is that? Let’s take a look at some research and explore what that means for your oilfield company.


A customer may call with a problem that can only be solved by sending a technician or engineer. If you’re most companies, your problem starts here because field service management is almost entirely manual. Scheduling, dispatching and invoicing are typically done using paper. Not only is this inefficient but time-consuming, prone to error and can be expensive.

The biggest pain points in the oil and gas sector are disorganization and inefficiencies, often with operational processes. Because of this, field service leaders are looking for new ways to improve productivity and increase revenue.


According to research led by MSI, 54% of the oilfield industry are still using manual methods to handle their field service needs. This is crucial because it reveals a huge potential in the industry. Automating processes with the right software can yield huge improvements in scheduling, dispatching and opportunities for collecting data that can impact everything from technician safety to customer satisfaction.  

Ticketing software isn’t just limited to workers in the office. Field service is mobile and with the majority of incoming service calls requiring an in-person visit, software integrations and accessibility via mobile is becoming a necessity for scaling oilfield organizations. Productive technicians are key when providing great customer service. With a mobile ticketing app in the field, they’re able to:

  • Automatically receive work orders and set statuses
  • Receive call notes, contacts and job alerts
  • Access customer equipment and service histories
  • Record labor times, parts and inventory
  • Capture elements like photos and signatures

With technicians in the field, it’s vital that oilfield companies have an efficient software solution to keep track of their workforce and handle the complex lifecycle of field service work. The industry is filled with oilfield companies looking to combine all the functionality they seek (scheduling to routing and accounting) into a single integrated platform. By knowing your top priorities and asking the right questions, you can match your needs with a software company to produce the highest level of ROI.


Field service companies are interested in solving as many problems with the least amount of confusion as possible. In other words, they need a solution that can address the entire field service lifecycle from start to finish. Digitizing your records isn’t enough; the key is integrations.

All-in-one field service software can perform the tasks needed while storing information in a secure location, which is more beneficial than purchasing individual apps for each step of the ticketing process. Additionally, field service software that integrates with various ERP and accounting systems allows you to access the full functionality of the platform without manipulating the systems you already have in place.

Software designed specifically for your industry can empower and mobilize your entire oilfield system. It can streamline your scheduling, routing and dispatching process as well as invoicing and increasing customer satisfaction.


Digitalization is already impacting operations and market supply chains. But for larger oilfield companies, there are layers of decentralized processes to comb through. In other words, there’s data but not enough context. So, the biggest opportunity is making data work for field service companies in a way that creates meaningful insights towards improvement.


The ability to manage scheduling, dispatching and invoicing within a single platform allows oilfield companies to avoid pitfalls like unreliable or inaccurate service and delayed payment processing. As the customer experience becomes increasingly more important over time, companies will require the automation and organizational features of field service software to remain competitive.
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